Home Is Where We Park It

Our RV… “Home-On-Wheels” as our grandchildren call it… is a vintage 1990 Gulfstream Sun Clipper 30′ A-Class.

Thousand Trails Peace River, Wachula FL… our 1st visit to this Thousand Trails campground. Always love to have our very own palm tree!


My name is DUSTY, which is the name we’ve given our motorhome (because everyone names their RV) and sports a 454 GMC, 8 cylinder engine in excellent operating condition on a workhorse chassis (more about why we chose the name DUSTY – in our extreme makeover feature).

Dusty has more amenities than the average home with capabilities of running our appliances off electric, propane or 12 volt. We have a living room, dinette, kitchen, 4 piece bath a separate master bedroom, all in a space of under 300 sq ft,  plus some basement storage and BONUS outdoor space… 8′ x 19′ Awning + 10′ x 19′ UV Screen.

UV Screen
UV Screen is a MUST for intense sunshine… helps keep our coach cooler

It’s a JEEP Thing

We had originally researched a tow package for our Ford Escape but our dream was to own a jeep again. Not only because it is one of the best choices for towing but because they are sooo much fun on road trips and to drive on the beach!

As our departure time was closing in we were thrilled when we found the perfect replacement for our Ford Escape… a JEEP that just happened to match our RV, a 2011 JEEP Wrangler Sport (soft top). #happycampers

RV Canadian Snowbirds
“The Great RV Escape” Canadian Snowbirds… heading southbound as we sing along watching the snow and ice melt away!

We love our home-on-wheels and the freedom it gives us to wake up everyday wherever WE decide!!!

If you have any questions about our vintage RV… old vs new, choosing a tow vehicle or crossing the U.S. – Canadian border, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Mike and Debra | freeaswelleverbe