5 STAR REVIEW… What’s It Really Worth?!?!

Our RV Resort/Campground reviews are based on our own personal experiences formulated into a 5 star rated chart system. As a quick reference you’ll also see our ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ rating based totally on criteria that is important to US personally in a campground.

Researching reviews before you make a decision can be helpful… we all do it, however, we always suggest you take the leap and visit campgrounds yourself… form opinions based on your own personal experiences. Pros and cons differ between RVer’s (and sometimes between couples LOL) and you can always move on to another location if you’re not a happy camper.

These are a list of reviews that will be competed soon using our easy to follow chart system…

  • Glen Rouge Campground | Toronto, ON Canada
  • Myrtle Beach State Park | Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Thousand Trails Orlando | Clermont, FL
  • Peace River RV and Camping Resort | Wauchula, FL
  • Three Flags RV Park | Wildwood, FL
When all your new friends have continued on their journeys you go spend some quiet poolside reflection time at Three Flags, Wildwood, FL.

It was here at Three Flags Thousand Trails, after 7 months on the road, that it dawned on us… THIS is our life, this RV is our home, these neighborhoods and neighbors come and go but the friends we meet share a common bond that only full-time RVer’s understand… so we part ways and carry on seeking our own personal journeys of  ‘freeaswelleverbe’ until one day down the road, we meet up again!

  • Oaks at Point South | Yemassee, SC
  • Lake Gaston Outdoor World | Littleton, NC
  • Hershey RV | Lebanon, PA
  • Camp Pedro South of the Border | Hamer, SC
  • Coral Sands Ocean Front RV Resort |Ormond Beach, FL
  • KOA Point South | Yemassee, SC
  • Breezy Hill & Highland Woods | Pompano Beach, FL
  • Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort | Clermont, FL
  • Winter Garden RV Resort | Winter Garden, FL
  • Topics RV Resort | Spring Hill, FL
  • Brennan Beach RV Resort | Pulaski, NY
  • Lake Louisa State Park | Clermont, FL

Mike and Debra | #embracethejourney